Meet Matt Dyer
candidate for
Connecticut House District 66

Serving the towns of Litchfield, Woodbury, Bethlehem, Morris and Warren

An East Coast transplant, I was born and raised in urban Wyoming (as much as a Western town of 50,000 can be called urban). Upon being accepted to the University of Connecticut Law School, I moved to Bristol, Connecticut in 1999. After 20 years in Bristol, I moved to Litchfield in November 2018 and witnessed immediately the power of community, from the warm welcomes at restaurants, stores, and barbershops, to gift bags left on my front porch from local community groups and greetings from my new neighbors. In a profoundly divisive and hostile cultural moment, such a welcome was overwhelming. Giving back to that community, in the best way I can, is my primary reason for running for State Representative in the 66th District.

I have practiced law for 17 years in a variety of civil and criminal litigation scenarios. I have advocated for individuals facing all levels of governmental sanction, including the indigent at the public defender’s office and individuals facing Federal Aviation Administration legal enforcement in federal court. I have advocated for small businesses ranging from local hospitals to local auto dealers to restaurants and local manufacturers, first in my own practice and then as a partner for Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly in Bristol. In addition, I have advocated for those injured through a variety of accidents, gaining a ringside seat to the inner workings of the healthcare and insurance industries and the ways that citizens are ground up in the wheels of multiple profit-seeking agencies.

I hope to use the skills and experience I have gained in 17 years of front-line advocacy to create and influence policy decisions that will lead to better results for real people as they confront bureaucratic issues or disembodied corporate voices. Specifically, I want to work from the ground up to address the expense, access, purposes, and results of medical care in this District and Connecticut. Second, I am eager to advocate for appropriate education costs to be distributed fairly to Bethlehem, Litchfield, Morris, Warren, and Woodbury. Third, I plan to address the opportunities available to families of the next generation to live, work, and play in the 66th District. These opportunities include finding ways to encourage families to choose the 66th by providing strong healthcare, education, employment and community.

I look forward to working together throughout this election cycle and hope to hear from you on the campaign trail!