On the Issues…

Healthcare is obscenely expensive, as if it’s a luxury. People are choosing to avoid paying doctors, rather than seeking preventative treatment. Prescription drugs are outrageously priced. Overall, medical costs are a primary cause of bankruptcies nationwide. (Source: CNBC)

The scourge of COVID-19 has reinforced the urgency of a comprehensive, affordable, and quality healthcare program available to everyone. Towards that end, Matt plans to work from the ground up to address the expense, access, purposes, and results of medical care in this district and in Connecticut. Initially, this likely would be similar to the public option available to Massachusetts citizens, but, ultimately, a single-payer system may be the best solution.

Education leads to more well-informed, self-reliant citizens. Yet education costs vary widely amongst communities and towns dependent on a complicated formula. Education should be readily accessible to all citizens, including those who decide to change careers or jobs during their working years. Current Connecticut law regarding education cost sharing is confusing and subject to too much political influence. Matt plans to address this political influence in order to provide a more equitable distribution of cost sharing to the people of the 66th district.

Opportunity (or more precisely the lack of opportunity) stops many people from realizing the full potential of their lives and creating the most for themselves and those around them. Cost of living, dead-end jobs or no jobs, and the stress of student loan debt all conspire to rob people of a genuine life for themselves and those they care about. Getting ahead should not be reserved for only the independently wealthy.

In order to provide better opportunities for people to live and work in this district, and to attract new families, Matt plans to address infrastructure issues, primarily, affordable housing and broadband accessibility. Addressing both of these issues will require coordinating communication between the municipal leaders of each of the five towns in the 66th district and the state legislature, streamlining zoning laws and enforcement, and, above all, maintaining each town’s unique character and charm.